Memberships are now due. The Application form and the Waiver must both be returned to Central Office with payment. No Newsletter or Membership card will be sent, until payment and paperwork are received.

For Direct Debit payments – Reference – Your name, and both forms must also be received by the office, before membership is accepted.


MEMBERSHIP FEES  (All Prices include GST)


Open Membership – New                $225.00

  (includes Bond $100)

Open Membership – Renewal         $125.00

Juvenile Membership – New            $85.00

  (includes Bond $30)

Juvenile Membership – Renewal       $55.00

Junior Membership                         $11.00

  (U14 - 7 yrs)

Associate Membership                     $66.00

  Newsletters only

Officials - Judges, Bullfighters,

              Pick Up, Contractors         $110.00


Day Members

Day Membership – Senior                $33.00

Day Membership – Juvenile             $15.00

Day membership - Junior                 $ 5.00


All Prices, except bonds, include GST


Juveniles competing in Open events must pay Open Membership.

Juniors competing in Juvenile events must pay Juvenile Membership.


 Juniors - small membership fee is strictly for Waivers.

Annual Junior Members will also receive a member card.


DAY MEMBERS must complete Day Membership form AND NRCA Waiver form.





Direct Deposit

Queensland Rodeo Association

BSB: 638-010  Acc: 5255767

  • Supply NAME on deposit
  • Email copy of the deposit slip to the
  • Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cheque or Money Order

  • Must be made payable to –

Queensland Rodeo Association

P O Box 1053

ROMA  QLD  4455