Queensland Rodeo Association Inc.


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In 1982 the Queensland Amateur Rodeo Circuit was first established.

On 25 May 1982 at Augathella, this was changed to Queensland Rodeo Association, affiliated under the National Rodeo Council of Australia.

Past Presidents include – Allan Fitzgerald, Fred Whitney, Wally Evans, David Campbell &

Pat Staines.

From 2009, an Executive Board of Directors consisting of five (5) office bearers, and a Secretary were elected to oversee the association, and this method continues annually.

The current Secretary, Mrs Cheryl Tarry has been the inaugural secretary since 1982.

Q.R.A. caters for all events, from Open, Juveniles (Under 18 years) and Juniors

(Under 14 years), with competition areas existing all over Queensland.

Events include:

Men’s Bull Ride, Novice Bull Ride, Open Steer Ride, Saddle Ride, Bareback Ride,

Rope & Tie, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping

Ladies Barrel Race, Ladies Breakaway, Ladies Steer Undecorating

Juvenile Bull Ride, Juvenile Steer Ride,

Juvenile Bareback and  Juvenile Saddle Ride - combined event

Juvenile Breakaway, Juvenile Barrel Race

Junior Barrel Race, Junior Steer Ride, Junior Bareback Ride

We are a family, friendly association and put an emphasis on having fun. Rodeo is a traditional Australian sport, and it is also the focus of social networking and fundraising for many communities at each venue. Q.R.A. assists affiliated committees to have a successful event, modifying office procedures to enable electronic software communication processes occur even in the most remote situations.

The Association is proud to declare they were the first association to introduce the Bareback Pony Ride for Juniors.

In 2007, the Ahern Bucking Stock Contractors at Wyandra, put together a string of good ponies to start the now popular event for junior cowboys. This event is hotly contested and we encourage the juniors to learn the correct techniques from the start. The pony rides is a great drawcard for spectators, and everyone loves the event.

Safety and Training Programs are a high priority for our association, and we place great emphasis on training our Officials, covering Animal Welfare and Risk Management areas. Four clinics have recently been conducted for our Judges 2013- 2014 enabling them to keep up to date.

 We also host schools to teach juniors and juveniles riding skills. Q.R.A. is active in enforcing a code of conduct and has a strong focus on event procedures to ensure the safety to both competitors and livestock at all venues.

Queensland Rodeo Association has also introduced a Time Event Series, called the ‘Gold Star Series’, which runs the day after a full rodeo, to enable competitors to have more competition in time events and barrel races. QRA has recently added additional dates for the Series, due to seasonal changes. Other events added, have been Open Breakaway, Pole Bending and Dummy Roping.

This series has become very popular and has financed its own buckles for the end of season.

The aim of the series is to enable competitors to compete as beginners, learn skills and have fun.

At the end of the competition season, on the second Saturday of October, a Presentation Night is held in Roma, (being a central location) to celebrate winners in all areas of competition.

Included is the Bucking Stock of the Year – Open bull, Bareback and Saddle horses, as well as Judge and Bullfighter, Announcer and Committee of the Year. We respect our Stock Contractors and Officials for the dedication and commitment, they put into the Association.

We are members of the newly formed Australian Rodeo Federation.